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« Why paint?


to express the world, fear, joy, others »

English translation of the original French text, Fixer les vertiges , Dominique Albertelli.

Dominique Albertelli was born in France and lives in Paris. From childhood, she traveled extensively, notably in the Indian Ocean, later in South America and the Amazon. She studied Ethnology at the Université de la Réunion and spent three years living with two Amerindian tribes (Oyampis and Emérillons) on the Oyapok River (Amazon, Brazil). During this period, she took part in the defence of their rights in various contexts. On her return to Paris, she studied art at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1986 to 1990. In addition to her artistic practice, Dominique Albertelli is qualified to sit on various artistic committees in the Ile-de-France region. She is a member of CAAP, as well as a member and friend of FRAAP. She is also an illustrator for the Italian daily Corriere Della Serra.
Dominique Albertelli is a contemporary painter who works mainly with monumental paintings and drawings in a new, taut, refined, and rather enigmatic style of figuration. Her work invests different forms of presentation, renewing the modalities of production and presentation: objects, interactive virtual works, installations, and perennial interventions in private and public spaces. Her pictorial practice testifies to the singular power of plastic and poetic invention. Each of her works is an invitation to a new kind of figurative painting, strong, poetic, and full of mystery. Her painting is also akin to the dramatization of chaos. She uses color to reinforce the impact of her thoughts. All of this is carried out seamlessly, with the same thematic logic. Her work is presented as a gallery of portraits of anonymous people, highlighting her interest in the issue of identity. She questions the human figure in all its complexity. Her extensive travels and several years of total immersion among the Amerindian tribes of Amazon have undeniably left their mark on her artistic practice. A fixture on the art scene, her work has been exhibited worldwide. Her work can be found in numerous public and private collections.